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How To Claim Token in Technorati

Perhaps, until now there are still some people who ask. How to claim your blog in Technorati?

This is my token: 23CU2ED5MGM2

Technorati as the site contains a directory of blog is a website directory of the most popular blogs by the bloggers in the world. In addition, Technorati is also very influential on the blog visitor traffic.

So, how do I claim?

Well, if you have not registered please register HERE. If already registered please go to HERE. Then, go to your profile and start claiming your blog. Fill in the blog data in the form recommended. Once you have click "Start claim" and check your e-mail, e-mail there from Technorati's "Technorati Claim in progress" that contain tokens like this 23CU2ED5MGM2. After that make a post on your blog and insert the token into your blog post. For example as I am, but you can also just simply insert the token into a new post. Because Technorati verify the token via the "RSS Feed" blog that had been loaded on the form. THIS WAY to check please. Scroll down and click "Check Claim". Wait till you get e-mails from Technorati, at least 24-72 hours. Completed.

Hopefully this article can help you. =)

Some Of The Tools To Fight Against SOPA and PIPA

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) are two bills that sound like they have a mildly positive aim but, in reality, have serious potential to negatively change the internet as we know it. Here are some tools that can help you keep track of SOPA and PIPA as well as prepare for problems in case they pass.

Protect Yourself in Advance

Google Chrome users can pick up the No SOPA, which reveals which sites support SOPA when visiting them. If you're interested in writing a letter to supporters, boycotting their sites, or simply be aware of their support, this extension can help with identification.

Google Chrome users should check out MAFIAAFire Redirector, which will intercept any domain names typed into your address bar and load via the site's numeric IP address instead. Firefox users have the choice of two extensions, DeSOPA and MAFIAAFire ThePirateBay Dancing, which do the same thing.

Additionally, Reddit users are creating a SOPA emergency list that hold the IP addresses of various sites. In the event these extensions don't work out or there isn't one for your browser, you'll be able to make edits to the hosts file on your computer to override any blocked sites. For now there's no sense in doing anything because there is no problem yet, but it's good to be prepared for the worst.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

Be Environmentally Friendly!

Stop Global Warming

Have you ever heard about global warming? The earth is becoming hotter and hotter because people do many bad things to it. Can we save it? Yes, of course. Not only adults can save our beloved earth, we all can. And it doesn’t have to be something big and difficult. You can do easy things and at the same time save the earth. Here are some of them:

1. Turn off the water when not in use. Avoid running taps when brushing your teeth. Clean water is hard to get so you must not waste it.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave a room and leave the lights off during the day.

3. Always throw the rubbish in the trash can. A clean environment will produce a fresh air right?

4. Walk or ride a bike whenever possible. Take a bus to school instead of having your parents or another family members take you on a motorcycle or in a car. You save the environment from pollution and also save energy.

5. Minimize the used of air conditioners. If you feel hot, you can always open the window and feel the fresh air.

6. Unplug the TV or computer at night. A standby TV or computers still uses energy.

7. Don’t let the refrigrator door open for too long. It will consume more energy.

8. Bring your lunch box instead of buying food in plastic wrap.

9. Plant a tree. You can pick the tree and the location. You can have your own tree and help make the neighborhood become green.

Now that you’ve seen the above tips, you know that it’s easy to save the earth, right? So, let’s start now and do environmentally friendly stuff every day!

Free Online Education

Nobody can argue that the cost of today’s school education is way over the top. Let alone pursuing the best, many people can barely afford less ambitious, albeit still decent, academic progess.
Luckily, there’s another realm in this modern world where we can get free education from some of the best schools on the planet. We call this other realm the Internet, and here are some of the sources of free education online. However, please note that most of these institutes won’t give you a school diploma.
Before you jump into the pool, it’s good to know that if all you need is more information about a topic, you can stop by any of your friendly neighborhood search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) or Wikipedia. All that you need to find will likely be available at your fingertips there.

Video Courses and Lectures for the Visual And Auditory Leaner

The only difference between sitting in front of a screen watching a lecture and sitting in on a lecture in person is that you will not be able to raise your hand for a question to the lecturer on the videos. If you are fine with that, here are some places that you can visit for your daily dose of videos:

1. Open Yale courses
This site provided by Yale University. Wouldn’t you love to sit in on a Yale lecture? Now you can with their Open Yale program, which offers several free online courses in topics ranging from The Old Testament to Biomedical Engineering. There aren’t a lot of available courses online from Yale, but the quality more than makes up for the lack of quantity. This is one of several top universities that not only offers written course materials but also full videos of the course lectures or downloadable .mp3 audio versions so you can listen to the lectures from just about anywhere.

2. MIT’s OpenCourseware
This site provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT’s OpenCourseware is without a doubt the biggest collection of free online courses from a prestigious university. Their list of offerings is huge to put it mildly. Interested in architectural design? They’ve got it. Want to learn about globalization? They’ve got that too. How about nonlinear dynamics or even toy product design? Oh yeah, you’re covered. Is there anything you can’t learn about with MIT’s OpenCourseware? Maybe, but I can’t find it. The courses available online through MIT don’t follow a single format, so know that they’ll vary. Some courses will feature lecture notes. Some will include exams and solutions. Others will include multimedia elements like video lectures. In most, if not all, courses you’ll be told what texts the on-campus students used in the class, so you can purchase the textbook to follow along with the course if you’d like to.

3. UC Berkeley Webcast
UC Berkeley Webcast might not be the biggest compared to MIT’s huge offering of free online course materials, but you could argue they’re the best. What I love about UC Berkeley is that they offer all of their free online course materials in webcast form. You can find audio and/or video lectures, allowing you to feel like you’re right in the actual classroom or lecture hall (without worrying about being called on!). UC Berkeley also does something other universities don’t — they offer webcasts of current semester courses. In other words, you can take a course right along with current students earning a degree with the school. Their webcast list lets you know the course schedule so you never miss a lecture. When you first visit the link above, the course list might look small. But don’t let that fool you! You’ll only be looking at the current semester’s webcast list. Check out the drop-down menu near the upper right of the screen, and you can pull up free online courses from past semesters as well (from as far back as 2001!). No, you won’t earn a degree with these free online courses, but they offer an amazing wealth of knowledge. There’s no excuse not to learn anymore — not money, not admissions essays, nothing at all. Check out some of these free online courses and webcasts, and learn something new today. And when your friends or colleagues ask where you picked up that awesome little nugget of wisdom, just say “Oh, just [insert prestigious university here]. No biggie!”

4. OpenCourseWare Consortium
OCW Consortium, which was pioneered by MIT, offers free audio or video lectures, and under open licenses from over 22 universities in the US alone, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, and the University of Michigan, and features courses on tons of different subjects, from Business and Economics to Architecture and Physics.

5. The Khan Academy
The Khan Academy is mostly the work of one man, an electronic chalkboard, and YouTube. It focuses mostly on Math, from basic arithmatic to calculus, as well as a bit of science. It has great reputaion for teaching these subjects in an understandable manner.

6. Academic Earth
Academic Earth collects lectures from 19 different universities on a variety of subjects. The idea is similar to that of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, although on a slightly smaller scale. Academic Earth also features some of the universities not listed in the OpenCourseWare Consortium, so it is another good alternative resource.

7. iTunes U
iTunes U is fantastic because you can download these lectures right to your device (iPod, iPhone, or iPad) and study them later at your own convenience. Furthermore, like Academic Earth, iTunes U allows for searching by a specific topic or lecture, not just full courses. It also has a huge database.

The Traditional Text Based Learning

If you find it easier to learn a subject by reading at your own pace (rather than watch a professor drone on in front of you), there are a few sites that provide more text-based learning and slide show files.

8. Wikiversity and Wikibooks
Wikiversity and Wikibooks are fantastic resources for all kinds of information. Users can contribute their own project or research to the wiki, and it hosts a ton of textbook-like resources, organized in a tree.

9. Textbook Revolution
Textbook Revolution has goal of bringing together as many free textbooks on the Net as they can. They’ve got a fairly good database too, which is searchable or browsable by subject (such as Biology, Economics, or Health Sciences).

10. UG OpenCourseWare
This site provided by Gunadarma University, Indonesia. UG OpenCourseWare is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world. UG OpenCourseWare does not grant credits or degrees, and does not provide access to faculty. UG OpenCourseWare gives you open access to the materials used in a variety of courses.

11. U.S. Small Business Administration
The SBA may not be a university, but they offer some of the best free online business courses available on the Web. Whether you’re already a business owner or just thinking about becoming one, let them teach you how to write a business plan, market your business, understand basic accounting principles, and more with interactive online courses. You can even learn about things like international business and crime prevention.

12. OpenLearn (LearningSpace)
This site provided by The Open University, United Kingdom. This UK university offers a pretty wide range of free online courses and learning materials through their OpenLearn program. What I love about OpenLearn is that they tell you up front in the course listings how long a course should take you to complete (18 hours for a climate change course and 8 hours for a social marketing course for example). Each “study unit” in the OpenLearn program features its own discussion forum, allowing you to interact with other people following the same courses or sharing your interest areas.

With all of these resources at hand, the only thing that you need to go futher in your education is your own good will to succed. So, good luck!

Free Ebook Readers For Your Mobile Device

eBook Reader

There’san old saying that goes: “Book are the windows on the world.” Even though in this digital age the leading role in the acquirement of information has been taken over by the internet, books still play their part as an opening to the vast world of knowledge out there.

But modern technology has also brought changes to the world of books. Aside from words printed on “dead trees,” we also have digital versions of books or better know as ebooks (electronic books) which can be read on any digital device with ebook reader applications installed.

If you love reading and want to carry a “library” inside your pocket, here are several free ebook readers that you can install in your mobile device.

1. Adobe PDF Reader

One of the oldest and most popular formats of eBook is PDF, and what is a better PDF reader than the one made by creator of the PDF itself: Adobe?
The advantage of this format is that the documents will look the same wherever you open them. But you’ll need to continuosly re-size the page on small screens. If your device is based on Pocket PC, Palm, or Symbian, you are good to go. There’s also the iPhone versions that you can grab from iTunes Store.

2. Ibis Reader

Another format that has been increasing in popularity is ePub-thanks to the adaptation of the format by Apple for its iBooks publications. And the most popular ePub reader out there is Ibis Reader.
One of the  advantages of this format is that it will adjust the page layout according to the screen size while keeping the conttnt intact. So, one eBook file will have different screen sizes. This will keep the book readable even on small screens.

3. MobiPocket

Aside from common eBook formats, this one reader is able to open other readable document formats such as office documents and RSS eNews.
This application is available for most digital devices, including Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

4. Kindle

The first popular consumer eBook reader in the world is Kindle. It’s produced and distributed by the biggest bookstore in the world: Amazon. Being the biggest bookstore, Amazon provides Kindle users with a supply of tons of Kindle-friendly eBooks.
But you can also read those eBooks using your own mobile gadget because there are Kindle softwares available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices – aside from the Mac and PC versions.

5. Kobo

Another worthy alternative for eBook readers for mobile devices is Kobo. The free software available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Palm. Kobo also has its own bookstore where you can get eBooks. They have thousands of free classic books along with tons of new titles.
So if you are an avid reader and you love to fill in those idle times with good reading-wherever you are, you could pick one of these free mobile eBook readers and start flipping those ePages.

English Learning Resources in the Virtual World

English Learnig Resources

If you can understand this sentence, then you understand English and I'm sure you know how to use it. The question is: How well?
There's no limit when it comes to learning a language. How well you can improve your English depends on the availability of reliable resources available (not only in the real world but also on the Internet.

Here are some places in the virtual world that you can visit to try to improve your English.

1. Ultimate Style: The Rules of Writing

The web's ultimate guide to grammar provides a database of topics and an easy-to-search A-Z list of cohmmon questions.

2. Use English Punctuation Correctly

A quick and useful crash course in English punctuation.

3. HyperGrammar

An extensive electronic grammar course at the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre.

4. Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty's quick and dirty tips for better writing. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Covering the grammar rules and word choice guidelines that can confound even the best writers, Grammar Girl makes complex grammar questions simple with memory tricks to help you recall and apply those troublesome grammar rules.

5. Better Writing Skills

This site contains 26 short articles with writing tips about the ampersand, punctuation, character spacing, the difference between i.e. and e.g., etc.

6. The Guide to Grammar and Writing

An old, yet very useful site tht will help you improve your writing on word & sentence level, paragraph level as well as essay & research paper level.

7. Writer's Block

A compact resource with over 20 articles that cover abbreviations, capitalization, numbers, punctuation, word usage and writing styles.

8. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This site contains some useful articles that explain common grammar mistakes, basic punctuation, basic sentence concepts etc. Worth visiting and reading.

9. The Learning Centre

A site that contains articles similar to those in POWA, but with more examples.

10. Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style

Those notes are a miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage put together by Jack Lynch, an Associate Professor in the English Department of the Newark campus of Rutgers University, for his classes.

11. English Style Guide

This guide is based on the style book given to all journalists at the weekly newspaper The Economist. The site contains various hints on how to use metaphors, puntuation, figures, hyphens etc. Brief and precise.

12. Technical Writing

An extensive guidance on grammar and style for technical writing.

13. 40+ Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation

A writer on the DumbLittleMan website wrote: "Purdue University maintains an Online Writing Lab and I spent some time digging through it. Originally the goal was to grab some good tips that would help me out at work and on this site, but there is simply too much not to share." So, basically this page is a much shorter version of OWL.

14. Common Error in English

A collection of common errors in English, with detailed explanations and descriptions of each error.

15. AskOxford: Better Writing

A very useful reference for classic errors and helpful hints but with terrible site navigation.

16. Dr. Grammar's Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to common grammar questions related to English grammar, with examples and additional explanations.

17. English Grammar FAQ

A list of common English language problems and how to solve them. This list was compiled from an extensive archive of postings alt.usage.english by John Lawler, a retired linguistics professor at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Soccer Stadium Do's & Don'ts

Are you eager to watch a football match in a stadium LIVE?
Well, watching a game in a stadium is totally different from watching it in front of a television, for sure. The atmosphere and the experience of either supporting your team or just being there as a neutral spectator could be thrilling or downrightnightmarish. Are you ready to go for the best time of your life? Read on.

1. Eat before going to the stadium. Meals sold at stadiums could be very costly. It's also good for your stomach to eat first, just in case the trip to the stadium takes a long time.

2. Keep everything simple. Only bring your ticket, identification card, and some money. Buy your ticket far ahead from the official seller/box office. An identification card is for emergency purposes, for example if there is a police check. Money is needed in case you need to pay for a bus fare and/or drinks and light snacks sold at the stadium.

3. Go to stadium with minimum fuss. Only use private transport if it's necessary. If you enjoy walking, then go on foot if possile (calculate the distance and also your walking ability and endurance first). This is important to avoid getting caught in traffic jams and/or trying to get a parking space in packed parking lots.

4. Wear a neutral jersey if possible in order to avoid offending the supporters of either team. The majority of people watching a live football match are usually fans from both competing teams. It is therefore important to be "neutral" to avoid being a target of supporters' rage. should you wear your favorite team's costume, pick a seat among the fans of the same team.

5. Arrive early and look for your seat. A time interval of fifteen to thirty minutes before the match starts is desirable. This is to avoid hassles spotting your seat in the event of a "full house" or crowded stadium.

6. Be patient and don't be easily provoked by other supporters. You don't want to hurt yourself, do you? Be prepared always and don't react hastily if a bad thing happens to you.

Get a kick out of the game!

Chit Chat is a Facebook Chat Desktop Clients for Windows

Chit Chat for Facebook
Chit Chat is a Facebook chat desktop client that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop. Basically, it's just Facebook IM and no need to access to log into Facebook with your web browser, simply by logging in using this software you can chat with your Facebook friends. See the image below:
What are the benefits of Chit Chat?

Chit Chat is free software, easy to use, display a notification in the tray when your friends are online or when they have been signed out, swift and fast tabbed chat interface making it easy to talk with many up friends at once. See the image below:
System Requirements: Windows XP,Vista,7
More Information & Download: Chat For Facebook

10 Foods Good For Body

Healthy Foods
VIVAnews - Let food be your medicine. The words of ancient Greek physician named Hippocrates was so popular in the medical world. Messages that are then encouraged the scientists to figure out the benefits of food for health.

For years, nutrition experts conducted a study to identify the nutritional benefits of certain foods. They studied proteins, carbohydrates, calories, fats, minerals and vitamins to determine health benefits for the human body.

Here are some foods that provide many benefits to the body, as quoted by the website Methods of Healing.

1. Honey

Research shows that honey contains antibacterial and antiviral. Studies over the mention of honey useful for wound healing and good for digestive health.

2. Green Tea

Research shows that green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Green tea is also believed to help prevent type two diabetes and osteoporosis, and relieve inflammation of the intestine.

3. Walnuts

Eating 1.5 ounces of walnuts every day can be a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Blueberry

Is one of the fruits with high antioxidant levels. The content of substance in it to help slow down aging, reduce the risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, improve motor skills, and support urinary health and eyesight. Blueberries also have anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Pomegranate

As a fruit rich in antioxidants, a study showed that pomegranate helps reduce the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. In fact, help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

6. Spices

Cinnamon helps lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Ginger helps to improve digestive health, and contains anti-inflammatory. Benefits of ginger for the prevention of cancer is also being studied. While anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is believed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease and reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Yogurt

The best thing is plain yogurt. The content of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B-2 & B-12, and probiotics are known as good bacteria in the gut, digestive system healthy and beneficial immunity. Regular consumption of yogurt is also believed to help lower cholesterol.

8. Dark chocolate

Type of brown offers good benefits for the cardiovascular system as well as protection from cancer. Not only that, eating dark chocolate can also generate a good mood for the emotional and mental health.

9. Salmon

Salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, low calorie, low saturated fat, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon health benefits including prevention of diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and cardiovascular system healthy.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is full of vitamins like folic acid, vitamin A, B6 and K. Minerals such as calcium and potassium make it more healthy. Broccoli is considered a healing food that is activated by the phytochemicals indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane, helps fight cancer.

[NOT WORKING ANYMORE] Zynga Poker: Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker Glitch Chips

Credits to: ReTsEhC0401

Simple steps:

  1. Log in your FB account.
  2. Click this REWARD LINK : HERE 
  3. After clicking it... (You should see 2,500... 7,000... or WHATEVER amount). 
  4. Just refresh the link again.
  5. Keep refreshing until you see this picture.
When you see that picture... Well, just wait until the next day to GET CHIPS AGAIN by clicking that REWARD LINK!! Everday you can get the chips used this link within 24 hours. Leave a comment!!! How many you get???

Facebook Chat Smileys and Emoticons

I'm sure lots of you use the well-known Facebook, and I'm sure many of you are familiar with their new little chat system they have put into play. Biggest drawback of Facebook chat is the lack of list of emoticons so we have to guess or remember all emoticon codes we want to use. But with our little Facebook Emoticon you can put list of Facebook emoticons right on your profile page so you can easier use smileys in chat. One thing they don't show, is the CODES to put smiley's in your text. So, I'm going to show them to you.

And don’t forget to tell all your friends!

If you copy this article to your blog please include this blog as a source. Thanks for visiting :D

Mafia Wars: Mafia Bot for Mafia Wars

Mafia Bot does various Mafia Wars tasks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Collects From Your Mafia
          • Items
          • Loot
          • Bonuses and more!

• Auto Collects Properties
          • New York
          • Cuba
          • Moscow
          • Bangkok

    • Handles All of Your Gifting
          • Sends
          • Accepts
          • Replies
          • and Requests Gifts Hourly!

   • Submits To Daily Chance

   • Auto Deposits Your Cash

I think the Mafia Bot allows us to take the goods to be distributed on the wall. It also makes us relax for a moment. This program does not work for automated work but to crawl friends. Mafia Bots easy to use and a free did not like that provided at sites that are not clear or lying.

More Information and download, click: 
Mirror Download: [Ziddu]

How to Make Writing Reversed on Facebook

For Example: >>> ɯoɔ˙ʇodsƃolq˙ıʞlǝʇɔɐxǝ//:dʇʇɥ

How do I write upside down and backwards? JavaScript program to convert unicode characters and symbols that looked backward, to look like you have made the text upside down in the computer. Most of them came from a series of character "Latin Extended" and "International Phonetic Alphabet." Unfortunately there are no numbers backwards and upside down capital letters is not enough, so this tool supports only lowercase letters. This page uses the font "Arial Unicode MS" to reverse the text display.

To create a reverse way of writing this:

   1. Open the following website: or this site
   2. Or if you are able to directly open facebook:
   3. Make a paper you would like to make reversed. Will automatically reverse these papers will appear below the text you typed.
   4. Copy and Paste the text upside down in your facebook or your blog.

10 Tips for Safe on Twitter

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - The development of Twitter social networking in Indonesia so fast. A report from states that at the beginning of 2010 Indonesia has been a Twitter user countries of the world's sixth largest.

Popularity was also followed by increased threats from hackers and cyber criminals. When Twitter account belongs to the President Barrack Obama could just hacked, let alone yours.

"Only in four years, the popularity of Twitter increases rapidly around the world. The increase was made Twitter as an easy target cyber criminals," said Ema Linaker, Global Head of Online Engagement AVG, a computer security company, in his press release.

One type of threat is quite popular these days is a fake phishing site alias. Performers usually rip off the victims account and use that account to send a private message or Direct Message (DM) to the follower of these accounts.

DM that will contain links that will lead users to a fake site. After that, theft of information and data began.

Linaker offers ten tips for users of Twitter to keep it safe:

* Limit your talk

Users often feel it's easy mencericit about their location and activities. The comments provided in response to light over time can be used to determine the daily schedule of activities and plans for that user. Criminals ready to make it as following the victim.

* Beware of Opening Links

Many people use a URL shortening service on Twitter, so it is often difficult to really know the site. AVG LinkScanner feature in AVG Antivirus can be used to check these links. But if rising doubts in the liver, the link should not be opened.

* Watchful

Be aware of suspicious activity in the timeline or inbox. When starting any suspicious messages or your friends start sending spam messages smell, should confirm whether such co acount or not broken.

* Think before Tweet

Tweet can be read by everyone even after deleted. Think carefully what you write.

* Do not Hurry Believe

You never know who your follower. Do not easily believe in and make friends with people who may have bad intentions.

* Check the Third Party Applications

There are hundreds of applications on Twitter. Before you use, ensure its security. Look for a lot of applications are discussed in the trusted sites. Remember that applications always ask for a keyword and IDs.

* Password Information

Use passwords and e-mail is different for each of your social networking account. That way, when you close the account,

You can easily delete the e-mail account.

* When Log in

Check your browser settings, make sure that the information is not recorded when you use the computer together.

* Beware of Phishing Attacks

Beware of attempts to obtain personal information through a Tweet or DM.

* When Using Cell Phones

Be careful with cell phones and anyone who can use it. If you have a Twitter application, make sure you always log out after use.

Deddy Sinaga

Mafia Wars: Special Energy Pack for Mafia Wars Toolbar

Special Energy Pack for Mafia Wars Toolbar

If You have installed the toolbar and keep it, you will have one benefit,If you have the toolbar installed, you can get a Mini energy pack every 8 hours which restores 25% of your total energy.

  • For normal energy pack, we have to wait until 23 hour and get our energy increase to 125% of max energy.
  • For Special energy pack, we have to wait for 8 hour and get our energy increase to 25% of max energy. And it's continue giving special energy pack when we have used it.

To download toolbar the link is  Mafia Wars Toolbar
Click this.

New Trick to Download from RapidShare with Free Account

Now I will explain about how to download without using the software, fast, and can resume via RapidShare using account "FREE". I got this from one posting on KASKUS. Here's how.

Step 1:

Sign Up in here:

Step 2:

Login, and than click "Upload files", then click "FREE RapidShare LEECH" after the "Insert Links to your RapidShare download" then click "UPLOAD".

Wait until the upload is complete ...

Step 3:

When finished, there was Direct download link. Click the link already provided, you can download the Software Download Manager like Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Step 4:

Then click "FREE DOWNLOAD"

Step 5:

Enter the captcha code was

there is a message "This direct link will be available for your IP next 24 hours" you ignore this message only.

Step 6:

You can just download it with IDM (fast and could be in the resume). Done.


Download maximum 20 times in 24 hours. If you want to download again, please clear your browser cookies and use another IP addres pake way, such as proxy, autohide IP, or the other. Or pake this way can, Log Out > Turn off your internet connection temporarily (briefly pull the cord), Clear your browser cookies, then re-list a different email use (do not ask for verification so the contents of any email only) + other users and passwords, start downloading again as much as possible.

Complete SEO for blogs and sites

SEO which you need to do after you download the template and upload it to your blog:
after uploading your template sucessfully, remain on the same Dashboard>Layout>Edit HTML page and analyze the template code. Find the META tags which are providing in the beginning lines of the code. META tags start with 'meta'. Do the following steps:

  • Provide your Blog Description in Meta Description tag by removing "Your Blog description..."
  • Provide words relevant to your blog in the Meta Keywords tag by removing "Your keywords..."
  • Provide yourname/company in the Meta authors tag by removing "Yourname/company"
After you have done putting description, keywords and yourname/company. make sure you click "PREVIEW" button to make sure you`ve entered the info properly in your blog. Click "SAVE TEMPLATE" when you`re done.

The second step is submit your blog/site to 3 major search engines [Google | Yahoo | Bing] to get indexed and get traffic. You can do this by submitting only index/main page of your site using their submission links below:

That`s it!

If you need to customize and search engine optimize your blog/site deeply, you can follow my my complete Customization and SEO guide provided below. You need some HTML, XML and CSS skills to work it out.


HTML size

Page size matters because search engines limit size of a cached page. For example, Google will only cache a full page if the size of its HTML is less than 101 Kb (images and external scripts are not included). Yahoo! caches text of up to 500 Kb per page. This means if your HTML page is too large, search engines will not cache the full page, and only the top part of the text will be searchable.

Same color text and background
If the color of the text on a page is close to the background color, the text becomes almost invisible. As a rule, this technique is employed to populate a page with keywords without damaging its design. Since it is considered as spam by most search engines, I suggest that you do not try it.

Tiny text
If a page uses Cascading Style Sheets and there are fonts smaller than 4 pixels, they are reported as tiny texts. Most search engines consider tiny texts as an abusive practice - this is why you should avoid using them.

Immediate keyword repeats
The same keyword repeated one after the other a few times, for example air tickets on-line, air tickets, air tickets, air tickets, air tickets in Hong Kong is a questionable trick. For this example, there will be three repetitions reported, because the keyword was placed three times in a row after it was used first. Such repetitions are considered as spam by most search engines.

Try to avoid too many controls on your page, especially in the top area, since it may decrease your keyword prominence and result in low rankings.

Not all search engines support frames, i.e. can follow from a frameset page to content frames and index texts. If your website consists of frames, and you cannot redesign it, you can solve this problem by putting the content of an optimized page with links to other pages into a "NOFRAMES" HTML tag.

External and Internal JavaScript
Do not use too many embedded scripts on the page, because your keyword prominence will be reduced, and thus your page will be ranked lower on search engines. We advise putting the script in an external file or move it as close to the closing Body tag as possible.

External and Internal VBScript

Please note that excessive use of scripts in the top area of the page dilute keyword prominence and therefore affect your rankings. Put the script in an external file or move it as close to the closing Body tag as possible.

File robots.txt allows spidering
Robots.txt is a text file placed in the root directory of a website/blog to tell robots on how to spider the website. Only robots that comply with the Robots Exclusion Standard will read and obey the commands in this file. Robots.txt is often used to prevent robots from visiting some pages and subdirectories not intended for public use. However, if you want search engine robots to spider your site, there should not be disallowing commands included within this file for all or particular search engine robots.

Head area
Each HTML document should have a HEAD tag at the beginning of each document. The information contained inside the head tag (...) describes the document, but it doesn't show up on the page returned to the browser. The Title tag and meta tags are found inside the Head tag.

An HTML tag within the Head tag is used to define the title of a Web page. The content of the Title tag is displayed by browsers on the Title bar located at the top of the browser window. Search engines use the Title tag to provide a link to the site matching the user's query. The text in the Title tag is one of the most important factors influencing search engine ranking algorithms. By populating your most important keywords in the Title tag, you dramatically increase the search engine ranking of the page for those keywords. Your title tag should be the first tag in the HEAD tag.

Stop Words
To save space and speed up searching, some search engines exclude common words from their index, therefore these words are ignored when searches are carried out.

'The', 'or', 'in', 'it' are examples of such words. These words are known as "stop words." To make your pages search engine-friendly, you should avoid using stop words in the most important areas of your page like title, meta tags, headings, alternative image attributes, anchor names, etc.

Besides, stop words have no contextual meaning - using them in short areas such as a title, headings, and anchor texts will reduce weight, prominence and the frequency of keywords.

Keyword frequency
Frequency is the number of times your keyword is used in the analyzed area of the page.

Example: If the page's first heading is 'Get the best XYZ services provided by XYZ Company', frequency of keyword 'XYZ' in the heading will be two. Frequency relates only to the exact matches of a keyword. Therefore, frequency of key phrase 'XYZ services' will be one, because as exact match, this keyword is used only once.

Search engines use frequency as a measure of keyword importance.

Search engines rate pages with more keywords as more relevant results, and score them higher. However, you should not use too many keywords, since most search engines will penalize you for this practice for being seen as an attempt to artificially inflate rankings.

Keyword weight (density)
Keyword weight is a measure of how often a keyword is found in a specific area of the Web page like a title, heading, anchor name, visible text, etc. Unlike keyword frequency, which is just a count, keyword weight is a ratio.

Keyword weight will depend on the type of keyword, that is if the keyword is a single word or phrase. If the keyword includes two or more words, for example, 'XYZ services', every word in the key phrase (i.e. both 'XYZ' and 'services') contributes to the weight ratio in the weight formula, and not as one keyword ('XYZ services').

Keyword weight is calculated as the number of words in the key phrase multiplied by frequency and divided by the total number of words (including the keyword).

Example: The title of a Web page is 'Get Best XYZ Services'. Keyword weight for 'XYZ services' is 2*1/4*100%=50%. If you reduce the number of words in the title by removing the word 'get', so the title becomes 'Best XYZ Services', than the keyword weight will be larger: 2*1/3*100%=67%. Finally, if you only keep 'XYZ Services' in the title, the keyword weight will become 100% -- 2*1/2*100%.

So, to increase the keyword weight, you should either add some more keywords or reduce the number of words in the page area. The proportion of the keywords to all words will become larger, so will the keyword weight.

Many search engines calculate keyword weight when they rank pages for a particular keyword. Normally, high keyword weight tell search engines that the keyword is extremely important in the text; however, a weight that is too high can make search engines suspect you of spamming and they will penalize your website's rankings.

Keyword Prominence
Keyword Prominence is another measure of keyword importance that relates to the proximity of a keyword to the beginning of the analyzed page area. Being the keyword that is used at the beginning of the Title, Heading, or on top of the visible text of the page is considered more important than other words. Prominence is a ratio that is calculated separately for each important page area such as a title, headings, visible text, anchor tags, etc.

HTML pages are written in a document-like fashion. The most important items of a document's visible text are placed at the top, and their importance is gradually reduced towards the bottom. This idea can be also applied to keyword prominence. Normally, the closer a keyword to the top of a page and to the beginning of a sentence, the higher its prominence is. However, search engines also check if the keyword is present in the middle and at the bottom of the page, so you should place some keywords there too.

The prominence formula takes the following factors into account:
1) Keyword positions in the area,
2) Number of words in the keyword, and
3) Total number of words in the area.

100% prominence is given to a keyword or keyphrase that appears at the beginning of the analyzed page area.
Example 1: Let's take the page title 'Daily horoscopes on your desktop' and analyze prominence of keyphrase 'daily horoscopes'. The title word order will be: 'Keyword1, keyword2, word3, word4, word5'. Prominence will be 100% here as the keyphrase is present at the beginning of the sentence.

The keyword/keyphrase in the middle of the analyzed area will have 50% prominence.

Example 2: The anchor name is 'Find here the daily horoscope for your sign'. The keyword prominence of the phrase 'daily horoscope' in this case will be 50% as the keyphrase is located in the middle of the sentence -- 'Word1, word2, word3, keyword4, keyword5, word6, word7, word8'.

As a keyword appears farther back in the area, its prominence will be counted from zero and it will depend on how close to the end it is. If the keyword appears at the end of the area, its prominence will be close to 0%. If the keyword appears at the beginning of the area and then is repeated in the middle or at the end, its prominence will be 100% because prominence of the fist used keyword prevails over the repeated keywords.

META Description
Syntax: < META name="Description" content="Web page description">

This is a Meta tag that provides a brief description of a Web page. It is important the description clearly describes the purpose of the page. The importance of the Description tag as an element of the ranking algorithm has decreased significantly over years, but there are still search engines that support this tag. They log descriptions of the indexed pages and often display them with the Title in their results.

The length of a displayed description varies per search engine. Therefore you should place the most important keywords at the beginning of the first sentence -- this will guarantee that both users and search engines will see the most important information about your site.

META Keywords
Syntax: < META name="Keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3">

This is Meta tag that lists the words or phrases about the contents of the Web page. This tag provides some additional text for crawler-based search engines. However because of frequent attempts to abuse their system, most search engines ignore this tag. Please note that none of the major crawler-based search engines except Inktomi provide support for the Keywords Meta tag.

Similar to the description tag, there is a limit in the number of captured characters in Keywords meta tag. Ensure you've chosen keywords that are relevant to the content of your site. Avoid repetitions as search engines can penalize your rankings. Move the most important keywords to the beginning to increase their prominence.

META Refresh 
Syntax: < META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">

This HTML META tag also belongs in the Head tag of your HTML page.

The META Refresh tag is often used as a way to redirect the viewer to another Web page or refresh the content of the viewed page after a specified number of seconds. The META Refresh tag is also sometimes used as a doorway page optimized for a certain search engine, which is accessed first by users, who then are redirected to the main website. Some search engines discourage the use of this META tag, because it is an opportunity for webmasters to spam search engines with similar pages that all lead to the same page. In addition, this also clutters the search engines databases with irrelevant and multiple versions of the same data. Try to avoid doorways and redirects altogether in your Web/blog  building.

META Robots
Syntax: < META name="Robots" content="INDEX,FOLLOW">

The robots instructions are normally placed in a robots.txt file that is uploaded to the root directory of a domain. However, if a webmaster does not have access to /robots.txt, then instructions can be placed in the Robots META tag. This tag tells the search engine robots whether a page should be indexed and included in the search engine database and its links followed.

The content of the robots meta tag is a comma separated list that may contain the following commands:

ALL also INDEX,FOLLOW -- there are no restrictions on indexing the page or following links; NONE also NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW -- robots must ignore the page; a combination of INDEX, FOLLOW, NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW -- if you want a search engine robot just to index a page but not to follow links, you should specify 'INDEX,NOFOLLOW', if you want it to follow links without indexing the page, you should instruct robots as 'NOINDEX,FOLLOW'.

BODY area
The body tag indentifies the beginning of the main section of your Web page, the main content area. The whole of the Web page is designed between the opening and closing body tag. (...) including all images, links, text, headings, paragraphs, and forms.

The recommendations on how to use keywords in the BODY tag are the same as in other important areas. Your primary keywords should be placed at the top of your body tag (first paragraph) and as close to the beginning of a sentence as possible. Do not forget to use them again in each paragraph. Keywords should not be repeated one after another. For search engines that check keyword presence at the bottom of the body tag, you should use your most important keywords within the last paragraph from the closing body tag.

Visible text
The content of the Body tag includes both visible and invisible text. The term 'Visible text' refers to the portion that is displayed by the browser.

Extra emphasis by search engines is put on keywords when you underline them or make them bold, thus helping higher rankings for these keywords.

Keyword in the Heading
It is important the keyword is present in the very first heading tag on the page regardless of its type. If the keyword is also used as a first word, you will raise its prominence.

All headings

There are standard rules for the structure of HTML pages. They are written in a document-like fashion. In a document, you start with the title, then a major heading that usually describes the main purpose of the section. Subheadings highlight the key points of each subsection. Many search engines rank the words found in headings higher than the words found in the text of the document. Some search engines incorporate keywords by looking at all the heading tags on a page.

Anchor tags on the page can also have keyword-rich text as anchor names. This text can be important to some search engines and therefore also for the rankings of the destination pages. Create anchored links with keywords in them to link pages of your website.

Text in links including ALTs
Images like buttons, banners, etc. may include Alt attributes as a text comment describing the graphic image. If this image has been used as a hyperlink, the Alt attribute is interpreted as a link text by some search engines, and the destination page will have a significant boost in rankings for the keyword in the Alt attribute. Use graphic links with keyword-rich Alts to link pages of your website.

ALT image attributes
Optimization of Alt image attributes gives you another opportunity to use keywords. It is advantageous if the page is designed with large graphics and very little text. Include the target keyword in at least the first three Alt attributes.

This tag lets webmasters write notes about the page code, which is only for their guidance and is invisible to the browser. Most search engines do not read the content of this tag, so Comments optimization will not be as helpful as Title optimization. The Comment tags should be populated with keywords only if the design of the Web page does not allow more efficient and search engine-friendly methods.

Keyword in URL
Having keyword in your domain name and / or folder names and file names increases your chances to gain top positions for these keywords. If you aren't a brand-oriented business, it is recommended that you purchase the domain name that contains your keyword. If your keyphrase consists of more than one keyword, the best way to separate them in the URL is with a hyphen "-":
If it seems impossible to get such a domain name, or your site is already well established over a keyword-poor domain, attempt to compensate it by using keywords in folder and file names of your site's file system on the server.

Link popularity
This is the number of links from other website pages to your page that search engines are aware of.
Each search engine only lists links embedded on the sites that are preindexed by that particular search engine. So, the presence of certain links in Google's index will not guarantee that Inktomi has also indexed the same sites. Therefore the number of links shown will be different from engine to engine.

In general, the more links that point to your page, the better your page will rank.

However, a large number of links is not the deciding factor that helps your site get to the top of the results pages -- the quality of those links is of greater importance. If a link to your site is placed on a page having very little importance that is this page itself is linked to only a few other pages or none, this kind of link will not improve a page's popularity. The links to your pages should be subject-relevant because theme-based search engines will check the parity of content between referring and referred pages. The closer they are, the more relevant your site page is to the searcher's query for your keyword. Avoid reciprocal linking with sites that have a low weight, or a questionable reputation or are different from yours in subject matter. As a part of their anti-spam measures, search engines can penalize your site's rankings for ignoring these pitfalls.

For spam-free and relevant results, search engines start evaluating sites as one page to find the main theme covering all pages of the site. Most major search engines have become theme-based.

Search engines extract and analyze words on all pages of a website to discover its theme. The more keywords found on your website that relate to the user's query, the more points you get for the theme. Therefore, if your Web business includes many products or services, try to find the theme that covers them all.

Open Directory Project listing (
The ODP (also known as DMOZ) is the largest human-edited directory on the Web. Many major search engines use the ODP data to provide their directory results. This works because sites put forward for inclusion in the ODP are reviewed by real people who care about the quality of their directory.

It is still a good for a website to be present in the ODP. For new sites, it is an excellent starting point, because Google regularly spiders the ODP to update its own directory based on the ODP listings, and if your site is included, you'll get a link that Google believes important enough to start off crawling your site.

As well as the weight of a link from the ODP, it would be even better if the site were listed in the most topic-specific category to make the link not only important, but also content-relevant.

Yahoo! Directory listing
This is similar to the ODP -- Google relationship. The Yahoo! directory is regularly crawled by the Yahoo! robots.

A new site has a greater chance of being included faster in the Yahoo! search engine if there is a link to this site from the Yahoo! directory. If you get your site is listed within the Yahoo! category closest to your site theme, this particular link will help your site move up.

Search Engine Bot
Search engine bot is a type of web crawlers which collects web documents to generate and maintain index for the search engines.

Google PageRank
Google PageRank is the measure of a page’s importance in Google’s opinion. PR calculations are based on how many quality and relevant sites across the Web link to this page. The higher the PageRank of the referring page, the more weight this link has.

Alexa Traffic Rank
Alexa Traffic Rank is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). This information is gathered with the help of Alexa Toolbar used by millions of Web surfers. First, Alexa calculates the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on the daily basis. Then these two quantities are averaged over time.

Backlinks Theme
To determine your site rankings, search engines take into consideration theme relevance of those sites linking to you. If the linking sites have something in common with yours (keywords in the BODY, titles, descriptions of the linked pages, etc.), your website gets better chances to gain high positions for these keywords.

PR Statistics for linking sites
PR Statistics for linking sites is statistic information about the Page Rank of the pages linking to you. Statistics are presented both in numerical and percentage terms. The higher the PR of the referring site, the better chances your own Web page has to get high PR.

Photoshop: Excellent 3D Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop might not be the best 3D software to design 3D elements but almost all kinds of 3D effect can be achievable using photoshop. It doesn’t matter you need to remember each and every step how to create an 3d design but understanding what kind of methods are possible is the key to this post. 3D effect can really spice up your design and create an magical effect to your design.Adding 3D effect into design is now more popular and you can notice that in portfolio sites. Here we have 27 awesome 3D photoshop tutorials, these tutorials collected here will show you how to create gorgeous 3D effect in photoshop step by step.

1. Create a Shiny 3D Box

2. 3D Magnetic “A”

3. 3D Metal Text

4. Make a Realistic LCD HDTV from Scratch

5. Create a Robotic 3D Spider

6. How to Create 3D Text Blocks in Photoshop

7. Create a Shiny Earth with Photoshop 3D Layers

8. Render a Cereal Box Cover from Scratch Using Photoshop’s 3D Tools

9. Creating A Vector Style MacBook From Scratch

10. Create A Cool 3D Text Scene

11. 3d 2009 Logo

12. Nokia 5300 Cell phone interface

13. Design a 3D Box Icon in Photoshop

14. Draw a Classy 3D Poker Chip in Photoshop

15. 3D Pixel Stretch Effects in Photoshop

16. Realistic 3D Flag in Photoshop

17. How to create a 3D Logo Object

18. Photoshop Portable Meter Icon

19. Photoshop Watchmen Whistle Logo

20. Head Phone Logo Icon in Photoshop

21. 3d Model Grip master studio tutorial

22. 3d Model pen in Photoshop

23. Stainless steel mail box in photoshop

24. PC Mouse Tutorial

25. Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

26. Create a Glowing Globe Icon in Photoshop

27. Patriotic Text Using Displacement Masks

If you find this 3D effect tutorials interesting and have tried the techniques from these tutorials please leave your design link in the comments.

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