Kamen Rider V3 & Riderman

Kamen Rider V3 airing from 1973 to 1974, the series ran for 52 episodes and followed Shiro Kazami on his quest to gain revenge against the group that murdered his family. Later on, Riderman, the fourth Kamen Rider is introduced as the first long term anti-hero Kamen Rider. The original Kamen Riders also make various appearances over the course of the series to help Kazami.

Download Kamen Rider V3 & Riderman Episodes:

1. Rider No. 3: His Name is V3!
2. Last Testament of the Double Riders
3. The Execution of V3
4. V3's 26 Secrets!?
5. Snake-Man With a Machinegun!
6. Enter, Hammer-Jellyfish! V3 Unleash Your Killing Technique!!
7. The Fury of Rider V3's Special Training
8. Watch Out, V3! Beware the Terrifying Buzzsaw
9. What is the Destron Hell Squad!?
10. Secret of the Double Typhoon
11. The Claws of Evil Reach Out for V3!!
12. Junko Becomes a Mutant's Bride?!
13. Terrifying Commandant: Doctor G!!
14. Secret Memento of the Double Riders
15. Rider V3's Deadly Weakness!!
16. The Missile-Carrying Gecko Mutant!
17. The Devilspray is the Reaper's Weapon
18. V3, Beware the Evil Traitor!
19. Blowfish-Apache's Operation: Torpedo!!
20. Operation: Destron Shikoku Conquest
21. The Double Riders Live
22. Camp of Terror: Mystery of the Underground Canal
23. Terror! Vampire From the Graveyard
24. Mysterious! Cockroach Manor!!
25. Mysterious!! The Destron Ranger Corps
26. Mutant Heater-Cicada's Operation: Mummy!!
27. Zol, Death, Hell & Black Rise from the Grave
28. The Five Commandants' All-Out Attack!!
29. Doctor G's Final Challenge!
30. Doctor G! The True Form of Evil is...?
31. Enter, Baron Tusk: Commandant of Curses!!
32. Spectre of Onibi Swamp: Rider Scouts Annihilated!?
33. V3 in Danger! Riders One and Two Return!!
34. Critical Moment! Baron Tusk vs. The Three Riders!!
35. Baron Tusk's Final Transformation
36. The Winged Corps: Demons of the Sky
37. Mysterious Temple: Curse of the Musasabi Clan!
38. Lone V3 and Cub: Deadly Skydiving!
39. Terror of the Carnivorous Fauna: Plantaingan!!
40. Sudden Death! V3 Mach Kick!!
41. Oh! People Are Melting! Enter, Marshal Armor
42. The Snail-Man's Human Experiments!
43. Friend of Foe? The Mysterious Riderman
44. V3 Versus Riderman
45. Destron's Christmas Present
46. Riderman, Where Will You Go?
47. Ambush! The Destron Leader!
48. Look! The Face of the Destron Leader!!
49. A Gunshot Rings Out! Shiro Kazami Falls!!
50. A Little Friendship
51. You are Kamen Rider 4!!
52. The Last Day of Destron

Download Kamen Rider V3 Movies:

1. Kamen Rider V3: Movie version for episode 2 (1973)
2. Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants (1973)
3. Kamen Rider The Next (2007)

Download Kamen Rider Rider V3 Songs:

Opening themes:

"Tatakae! Kamen Rider V3"
Lyrics: Shōtarō Ishinomori
Composer: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Vocals: Hiroshi Miyauchi and The Swingers
Episodes: 1-52

Ending themes:

"Shōnen Kamen Rider Tai no Uta"
Lyrics: Saburō Yatsude
Composer: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Vocals: Ichirou Mizuki and the Columbia Yurikago-Kai
Episodes: 1–42

"Hashire Hurricane"
 Lyrics: Sukeo Nōmi
Composer: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Vocals: Masato Shimon and the Columbia Yurikago-Kai
Episodes: 43-52

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