Pet Society: Win everytime you bet (Safe betting hack by Spyke)

This cheat is dedicated to LittleAngel.
If i make cheats for PS, its to make her happy and everyone has to know it.

Thanks to Voz, because he had the idea to improve the old betting cheat.
Thanks to FiLLio for her support.

For this cheat you need the following:
-Firefox 3.0.10 (Click Here)
-Cheat Engine 5.5 (Click Here)
-Adobe Flash Player ( ( or The cheat works with these version)
(Click Here)
Download the code generator: Safe Betting.exe (Click Here)

Instructions & Video:

* Log on to Ps;
* Go to Stadium and choose Bet;
* Choose one friend, confirm and dont click Ready;
* Open Cheat Engine;
* Tick hex, paste 508B0000157C840F, change value type to 8 bytes and also tick “Also scan read only memory”;
* Click First scan;
* Right click and choose Disassemble memory region;
* Right click and go to address;
* Copy & paste it in the generator;
* Now go back to Cheat Engine;
* Copy C103000002A4840F, do First scan;
* Right click, Disassemble this memory region, Right click, Go to address, copy it & then paste it in the generator;
* Click Generate;
* Copy all code;
* Go back to cheat engine, choose Tools -> Auto assemble (or click CTRL+A);
* Paste the generated code & click “Excute”;
* Now start your bet race & enjoy the final result :)

P.S: You don’t have to win to get the 995 coins! 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will get you the 995 coins :P

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