Pet Society: NEW!!! Coin Hack "Manito Coin" by Patiniox

Now, This is a new Coin Hack. It's very working, like a brush coin cheat. Name is changed "Manito Coin", this cheat sumbit by Patiniox. Include the video and look the generator at right Patiniox Blog. Thanks Patiniox!!!


* Flash Player
* Cheat Engine 5.6.1
* Browser Recommended (Google Chrome)


  1. Swab your Pet.
  2. Open Cheat Engine;
  3. tick hex, change 4 bytes to Array of Bytes & tick also “scan also read-only memory”;
  4. Scan now 8B9D50FFFFFF8B8D78FFFFFF8B433883
  5. one address will return, right click & disassemble this memory region;
  6. Right click & choose go to address
  7. copy address in code generator
  8. now scan using this hex DD5DC0F30F7E45C08B4DE8
  9. You will get one address &  disassemble this memory region;
  10. Right click & choose go to address
  11. copy address in code generator
  12. Now "select all" the code and copy.
  13. Look again your Cheat Engine.
  14. go to tools–>Auto Assemble (ctrl+a)
  15. Paste the code & click excute and ok
  16. Close your Cheat Engine and then swab or brush your pet.
  17. Finally, after brush you mush move to other room.

7 Response to "Pet Society: NEW!!! Coin Hack "Manito Coin" by Patiniox"

Anonymous said...

fuck where can i find the code generator for this cheat

Elki Arc Zoro said...

Sorry, you must find and use on this URL: for cheat. :D Cheat WORKING said...

kk where is generator

Anonymous said...

erm help...y mine no address ? when i press scan

Elki Arc Zoro said...

Please use FP 10, Google Chrome, and CE 5.6.1. Google Chrome is usually divided into four find the correct process among the four processes. Surely you will find it!

Anonymous said...

Can't find the generator now. :<

Ee Blog said...

Patinoix not updated the generator sorry :)

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