Pet Society: Pegasus Coins Cheat By Nofil2000

After Playfish patched Pink Elegant Throne coins cheat . Here is a new cheat which is slower but better then nothing.

download this database 

Now go and buy petling Cat (1000) + Apple (5).
Feed the Cat the apple and it will grow into Pegasus.
Sell it for 1980.
Total coins you gain = 1980 - 1005 = 975.
Repeat and get more coins but be careful not to exceed the limit or you will be banned for 24 Hrs.

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Pet Society: Dragon Pet Cheat

New Mystery Items,Dragon Petling DB and more…

  • Download this file and extract it.
  • Open Fiddler
  • Go to AutoReponder tab
  • Tick both Enable automatic responses & Permit passthrough for unmatched requests
  • then click Add..
  • Then under under URI Matches,,,you will see StringToMatch[1] or might be any number
  • Now under Rule Editor where is StringToMatch[1] delete and paste Regex:(?insx)^.*/shopMystery.*\.dat$
  • then in the other box “Find a file” browse to where you have saved (extracted) shopmystery,dat
  • save
  • do the same for database using this rule REGEX:(?insx).*database\.dat$
  • Save and reload the game
  • Head to Mystery Shop for Items
  • Buy a Kitten use growth potion for Dragon Petling
  • for Tiger buy a Dog, for Lamb buy a Coyote, and for Pegasus buy a Lion.
  • If growth potion are not in yellow coins that means you did something wrong repeat the whole process 
 Good Luck :)

Original Post: Pet Society News

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