Pet Society: You can’t see how much coins you have?

Well Pf added a top banner that is blocking the coins
well here’s a solution till they fix this!

Adblock plus for firefox| Click to download
after setup just right click on banner
then choose Adblock plus: Block Image
then choose add filter
problem sloved ;)
or just toggle to full-screen mode on other browsers for a temp solution;)

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Pocket Wikipedia 1.0

Pocket Wikipedia, hand-checked selection from Wikipedia which is about the size of a fifteen volume encyclopaedia (24,000 images and 14 million words)

The selection was made by Schools Wikipedia and is available for download here. This application it's a freeware software, works on PocketPC, Windows and Linux.

Pocket Wikipedia 1.0 - Click to Download

Pocket Wikipedia was created to work on PocketPC systems. After that was ported on Windows and Linux systems. Because the large size of the database file all OS versions of Pocket Wikipedia are distributed in one zip archive.

Pocket Wikipedia on PocketPC

Pocket Wikipedia on Windows

Pocket Wikipedia on Linux

TuneUp Utilities 2010

TuneUp Utilities 2010 can make your Windows Operating system becomes more rapid, stable, comfortable and more secure just a few clicks away. All operations are performed on the operating system will be absolutely safe, because all changes will be monitored by TuneUp Rescue Center and can be canceled at any time

TuneUp Utilities 2010 can help us to make Windows kebtuhan accordance with what we want in a quick, simple, easy, better and safer. TuneUp Utilities will make the necessary changes in the registry or boot files automatically.

TuneUp attention by placing high value on system stability, so that Windows will not stop work or be very slow when you're in optimizing the program. And most of the changes that you make can be undone in TuneUo Rescue Center is easy and safe

TuneUp Utilities will automatically perform maintenance tasks that are important to you, make you aware of any problems and offers a simple solution. This will always guarantee the best performance. A computer is slow and messy now will be better.

|Download TuneUp Utilities 2010|


Pet Society: “Hiddeni Hunt” Little Hack by Patiniox

Pet Society “Hiddeni Hunt” Little Hack by Patiniox
-Open cheat Engine;
-Choose your browser;
-Tick Hex and paste
8B 89 54 05 00 00 89 5D D8 8D 55 D8 8B D8 52 6A
-change value type from 4 bytes to “Array of bytes”;
-Tick “Also scan read-only memory”;
-First scan;
-you will get one address,right click & “disassemble this memory region”;
-scroll up look for Je xxxxx example je 134335435
-right click & choose replace with code that does nothing;
-go to & find hideeni ;)

see video


15 Free Flash Games Website

You are bored with the games provided by Facebook? Or bored with the game output GameHouse, Big Fish Games, etc.. monotonous? Try 15 websites free online games based on flash.

Fifteenth website is:

  • Shockwave

  • Dailygames

  • GameLinks

  • Miniclip

  • Zapak

  • Crazy Monkey Games

  • Yahoo! Games

  • Net-Games

  • FlashTrackz

  • Addicting Games

  • Online Flash Games

  • Gamenode

  • MostPlays

  • Bored

  • Candystand
  • Photoshop: Excellent 3D Effect Photoshop Tutorials

    Photoshop might not be the best 3D software to design 3D elements but almost all kinds of 3D effect can be achievable using photoshop. It doesn’t matter you need to remember each and every step how to create an 3d design but understanding what kind of methods are possible is the key to this post. 3D effect can really spice up your design and create an magical effect to your design.Adding 3D effect into design is now more popular and you can notice that in portfolio sites. Here we have 27 awesome 3D photoshop tutorials, these tutorials collected here will show you how to create gorgeous 3D effect in photoshop step by step.

    1. Create a Shiny 3D Box

    2. 3D Magnetic “A”

    3. 3D Metal Text

    4. Make a Realistic LCD HDTV from Scratch

    5. Create a Robotic 3D Spider

    6. How to Create 3D Text Blocks in Photoshop

    7. Create a Shiny Earth with Photoshop 3D Layers

    8. Render a Cereal Box Cover from Scratch Using Photoshop’s 3D Tools

    9. Creating A Vector Style MacBook From Scratch

    10. Create A Cool 3D Text Scene

    11. 3d 2009 Logo

    12. Nokia 5300 Cell phone interface

    13. Design a 3D Box Icon in Photoshop

    14. Draw a Classy 3D Poker Chip in Photoshop

    15. 3D Pixel Stretch Effects in Photoshop

    16. Realistic 3D Flag in Photoshop

    17. How to create a 3D Logo Object

    18. Photoshop Portable Meter Icon

    19. Photoshop Watchmen Whistle Logo

    20. Head Phone Logo Icon in Photoshop

    21. 3d Model Grip master studio tutorial

    22. 3d Model pen in Photoshop

    23. Stainless steel mail box in photoshop

    24. PC Mouse Tutorial

    25. Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

    26. Create a Glowing Globe Icon in Photoshop

    27. Patriotic Text Using Displacement Masks

    If you find this 3D effect tutorials interesting and have tried the techniques from these tutorials please leave your design link in the comments.

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