10 Tips for Safe on Twitter

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - The development of Twitter social networking in Indonesia so fast. A report from ReadWriteWeb.com states that at the beginning of 2010 Indonesia has been a Twitter user countries of the world's sixth largest.

Popularity was also followed by increased threats from hackers and cyber criminals. When Twitter account belongs to the President Barrack Obama could just hacked, let alone yours.

"Only in four years, the popularity of Twitter increases rapidly around the world. The increase was made Twitter as an easy target cyber criminals," said Ema Linaker, Global Head of Online Engagement AVG, a computer security company, in his press release.

One type of threat is quite popular these days is a fake phishing site alias. Performers usually rip off the victims account and use that account to send a private message or Direct Message (DM) to the follower of these accounts.

DM that will contain links that will lead users to a fake site. After that, theft of information and data began.

Linaker offers ten tips for users of Twitter to keep it safe:

* Limit your talk

Users often feel it's easy mencericit about their location and activities. The comments provided in response to light over time can be used to determine the daily schedule of activities and plans for that user. Criminals ready to make it as following the victim.

* Beware of Opening Links

Many people use a URL shortening service on Twitter, so it is often difficult to really know the site. AVG LinkScanner feature in AVG Antivirus can be used to check these links. But if rising doubts in the liver, the link should not be opened.

* Watchful

Be aware of suspicious activity in the timeline or inbox. When starting any suspicious messages or your friends start sending spam messages smell, should confirm whether such co acount or not broken.

* Think before Tweet

Tweet can be read by everyone even after deleted. Think carefully what you write.

* Do not Hurry Believe

You never know who your follower. Do not easily believe in and make friends with people who may have bad intentions.

* Check the Third Party Applications

There are hundreds of applications on Twitter. Before you use, ensure its security. Look for a lot of applications are discussed in the trusted sites. Remember that applications always ask for a keyword and IDs.

* Password Information

Use passwords and e-mail is different for each of your social networking account. That way, when you close the account,

You can easily delete the e-mail account.

* When Log in

Check your browser settings, make sure that the information is not recorded when you use the computer together.

* Beware of Phishing Attacks

Beware of attempts to obtain personal information through a Tweet or DM.

* When Using Cell Phones

Be careful with cell phones and anyone who can use it. If you have a Twitter application, make sure you always log out after use.

Deddy Sinaga

Geologists Discover Relations and Climate Earth Orbit

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - From the analysis of 1.2 million last year, geologist at the University of California Santa Barbara Lorraine Lisiecki claimed to have found a pattern of orderly change in the relationship obit the earth's climate cycles. The findings are reported in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience.

Lisiecki analyze core temperature (core) marine sediments from 57 locations around the world. By analyzing the sediment, scientists can create a chart of the earth's climate over millions of years in the past.

Lisecki linking climate with the historical record of the earth's orbit. He obtained data on the sun orbits the earth changes shape every 100 thousand years. Orbit is better or more oval on the time interval.

The form known as eksentritas orbit. One related aspect is the 41 thousand year cycle in the slope of the axis of the earth. Earth glaciation also occurred every 100 thousand years.

Lesiecki find the time to climate change and eccentricity occur together. »Clear relationship between time changes in the earth's orbit and climate change is strong evidence of the relationship between the two," Lisiecki concluded. »It is not possible that these events would not be related to one another."

In addition to finding the relationship between the change in the form of the orbit and early glaciation, correlation Lisiecki find surprising. He found the largest glacial cycles occur during the change of the weakest in the eccentricity of the orbit of the earth and vice versa.

He found strong changes in the earth's orbit associated with climate change is weak. »This may mean that Earth's climate has internal instability in addition to sensitivity to changes in the orbit," Lisiecki said.

He concluded that the pattern of climatic changes during the last one million years may involve complex interactions between different parts of the climate system, as well as three berebda orbital system, namely obrit eccentricity, tilt, and precession or changes in axis orientation.

ScienceDaily | PURW

There's an Alien Hiding in Glacier Dengue?

Antarctica, KOMPAS.com - In recent years, the panorama Glacier Blood reappeared at a location of the Antarctic continent. The phenomenon is located in Mc Murdo Dry Valleys are famous as vast areas without ice, is one the most unique regions in the continent of Antarctica.

The valley is located at the South Pole though, but there are rarely ever the ice, because the winds that sweep into the valley with the speed (hurricanes) 320 km / h capable of grabbing all the moisture.

When someone walked alone up the valley, after the carcasses of penguins and other animals, can finally see a glacier, "Blood."

It is said that the bloody glacier was discovered by Robert Scott's expedition team in 1911, later proved to be caused by iron pengoksidasian.

Reportedly, each specific period, the glacier can shoot clear fluid that is rich in iron oxidation and then immediately going into an old red menggiriskan.

Discover Magazine mention, the liquid is derived from lake-rich salty water content of salt at a depth of 390 meters of ice.

Recent studies have found there are bacteria in such a difficult situation whose lives rely on the substance of sulfur and iron compounds.

According to researchers, since the glacier was born from the lake, creating an ecological environment in such a cold, dark and without oxygen. Such a group of bacteria already isolated over 150 million years.

Besides the scientists also think, bloody glacier produced by the bacteria there is the possibility of outer space creatures that live in our solar system, for example under the polar ice sheets both Mars and (a month's) Jupiter is also the possibility of life there.

The Standing Cat!

Cat family is known for high-level equilibrium. They also cited have nine lives. But, quite rare cat that can stand on two legs.

Except for this one cat!

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