Step Repair issues Black Screen of Death in Windows 7

As the first party interference issue has breathed Black Screen of Death on Windows 7, Prevx Ltd. provides automatic repair tool that can be downloaded from the site. Nevertheless, Prevx also provide remedial measures to the user manual that has the technical knowledge of computing. Following these steps.

1. Restart the computer.

2. Do log on and wait for a black screen appears.

3. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.

4. Press the CTRL, ALT, and DEL simultaneously.

5. Click Start Task Manager.

6. In Task Manager, click the Application tab.

7. Then click New Task.

8. Enter the command: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe", and

9. Click OK and the download process begins immediately.

10. Run the new program is downloaded.

11. Restart the computer.

Pet Society: Collect all 12 Roses from Hideeni

Credit : Free2sw4u , 2010HackGames, Pet Society News


* Cheat engine 5.6
* Flash Player 9/10
* Browser ( FireFox/Flock )
* 2 facebook accounts

Steps :

1. Open your other Facebook account
2. Go to Pet Society
3. Open Cheat Engine
4. Make sure you do this following settings [8 bytes, Hex, ASROM(also-scan-read only memory)]
5. Scan “000026840FE44589”
6. 1 address should returned.
7. Right click the address and click “Disassemble memory region”
8. You will see the next line is “je XXXXX” (XXX are random example je 12E345F)
9. Right click this “je XXXXX” and select “Replace with code that does nothing
10. Now enter any room and you will see Cupid-Hideeni.
11. Click him , share and publish those roses
12. Use your main account to claim those roses.
13. There are 12 of such roses so keep changing room and clicking on Hideeni to get all 12.

Source: Pet Society News

Pet Society: (PATCHED) 500 Coins Tree Cheat

Unfortunately this great cheat is fixed!
Flash 10 version of the cheat is down the post!

you can watch the Video:
This cheat work with Flash Player and 10 version.
To check your flash player current version click here.

Using Flash Player :
1. Open Cheat Engine
2. Go into Pet Society.
3. Leave your house and bump into trees till you get a coin.
4.☑ Tick hex paste “06AB820F“,leave value type 4 bytes & tick ☑ “Also scan read only memory”
5. 1 address returned. If more than 1, use the top address. (ONLY FLASH 9 !!)
6. Right click > Disassemble
7. Right click selected code and select “Replace with code that does nothing
8. Change Cheat engine settings to (Hex, Array Of Bytes, Also scan read only memory)
9. New scan “8B 40 24 85 F6 0F 84 5E 02 00 00 8B 4E 08 8B
10. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
11. You will see the line “mov eax,[eax,+24]
12. Change it to “mov eax,90
13. New scan “C7 45 DC 01 00 00 00 89 45 E0 8D 45 D8 50 6A
14. 4 addresses may return. Right click the Bottom address and Disassemble it
15. You will see ‘mov [ebp-24],00000001
16. Change it to ‘mov [ebp-24],000001f4‘
17. Enter your house.
18. Exit your house and click the trees. You will get 500coins per tree.
19. Once all trees are clicked, enter your house again and exit to continue
20. You can get “500 * number of trees” coins again. Use a mouse recorder if you want.

You will need a mouse recorder Download Axife Mouse Recorder Demo (Working Link-choose Server 2 Brothersoft (US mirror))

Using Flash Player 10 :
1. Open Cheat engine
2. Play Pet Society
3. Exit your house and click on a tree to get a coin.
4. Scan “8B78088B8FFC0200008945D8C745DC” (Hex, Array of bytes, ASROM)
5. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
6. Scroll UP a few lines and you should see this ”jne xxxxxxxx
7. Right click and select “Replace with code that does nothing
8. New scan “8B402485F60F849B020000″ (hex, array of bytes, ASROM)
9. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
10. You will see the code ‘mov eax,[eax,+24]
11. Change it to ‘mov eax,90
12. A few lines down, you will see the code “mov [ebp-24],00000001
13. Change it to ‘mov [ebp-24],000001f4
14. Now, click on a tree. Increase about 4000-5000 coins and quickly click ‘Add Coins
If Mayor is appearing, try clicking on ‘Add Coins’ earlier.
15. Then exit shop
16. Repeat step 14 and 15 till satisfied.

Credits to: Davidxxx, 2010hacksgames, EnrikeZZ and dfspeter

Source: Pet Society News

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