How To Claim Token in Technorati

Perhaps, until now there are still some people who ask. How to claim your blog in Technorati?

This is my token: 23CU2ED5MGM2

Technorati as the site contains a directory of blog is a website directory of the most popular blogs by the bloggers in the world. In addition, Technorati is also very influential on the blog visitor traffic.

So, how do I claim?

Well, if you have not registered please register HERE. If already registered please go to HERE. Then, go to your profile and start claiming your blog. Fill in the blog data in the form recommended. Once you have click "Start claim" and check your e-mail, e-mail there from Technorati's "Technorati Claim in progress" that contain tokens like this 23CU2ED5MGM2. After that make a post on your blog and insert the token into your blog post. For example as I am, but you can also just simply insert the token into a new post. Because Technorati verify the token via the "RSS Feed" blog that had been loaded on the form. THIS WAY to check please. Scroll down and click "Check Claim". Wait till you get e-mails from Technorati, at least 24-72 hours. Completed.

Hopefully this article can help you. =)

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