Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider X the series aired in 1974 and ran for 35 episodes. Keisuke Jin and his father Kentaro Jin are attack by the Government Of Darkness (GOD), Keisuke and Kentaro are both mortally wounded in the attack, but before he dies, Kentaro transforms his son into Kamen Rider X. Many of the monsters Kamen Rider X faced were based on Greek mythology and later on various animals and historic figures.

Download Kamen Rider X Episodes:

1. X-X-X-Rider is Born!!
2. Run, Cruiser! X-Rider!!
3. Assassination Dark Spider Operation!!
4. G.O.D., the Shadow of Fear!!
5. The One-Eyed Monster's Human Review Operation!
6. The Japanese Islands Fragmentation Plan!
7. The Terrible Genius Human Project!
8. Mystery!? Little Earth - Middle Earth - Big Earth
9. X-Rider's Great Deadly Training
10. G.O.D. Secret Police! Apollo Geist!!
11. The Invulnerable Water Snake Monster Hydra!
12. Sweep the ESPer Girl Away!
13. G.O.D. Radamus's Great Prophecy!
14. Apollo Geist, Mad Insect Underworld
15. G.O.D.'s Secret Base! X-Rider Sneaks In!!
16. Counterattacking Apollo Geist! X-Rider in Danger!!
17. Scary! Humans are Being Made into Books!!
18. Scary! It's G.O.D.'s Cat Disguise Operation!!
19. The Corpses at the Ghost Mansion Call!!
20. A Ghost!? The Mysterious Snake Man Appears!!
21. Apollo Geist's Last General Attack!!
22. The Terrible Great Giant! King Dark Appears!!
23. King Dark! The Demon's Invention!!
24. Revenge Demon Geronimo! The Silent Attack!!
25. The Mysterious Thief, Rhinocerous Beetle Lupin!!
26. Underworld's Dictator, Starfish Hitler!!
27. Special Edition, Full Force of Five Riders!!
28. Look! X-Rider's Great Transformation!!
29. Deathmatch!! X-Rider vs. X-Rider!!
30. I Want Blood! The Monster of the Corpse Swamp!!
31. Stand! King Dark!!
32. Showdown! King Dark vs. X Rider
33. Fear! King Dark's Revenge!!
34. The Weapon of Terror Aims at Three Riders!!
35. Farewell, X-Rider

Download Kamen Rider X Movies:

1. Kamen Rider X
2. Kamen Rider X: Five Riders vs. King Dark

Download Kamen Rider X Songs:

Opening theme:

"Set Up! Kamen Rider X"
Lyrics: Shotaro Ishinomori
Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Artist: Ichirou Mizuki

Ending theme:

"Ore wa X Kaizorg"
Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Artist: Ichirou Mizuki

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